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Grandma Knew Best..

 There was a time when grandma’s main grocery store was her backyard. At her store, you would find an abundance of diversity. Her farm was her back door pantry that certainly had a variety of beef , pork, rabbit and especially in her personal selection of Standard Bred Poultry. Each one of her birds served a special purpose. She knew what type of chicken to use for each of her cherished family recipes. She had Barred Rocks for fried chicken, Jersey Black Giants for baking, Silver Laced Wyandotte's for broiling and Dark Cornish (Indian Game) for her tasty chicken salad sandwiches. Today you can serve, at your table, those same birds that are celebrated for their distinctive texture and exceptional flavor. I have included some direct links that you can purchase from. Choosing quality poultry is of primary importance, for the finished bird as it comes to the table can never be of any higher quality than the quality of the source. It is essential for every consumer to know how to recognize prime quality so they can avoid the disappointment which results from a poor or mistaken choice.

Standard Bred Heritage Chickens™   are selected and sold by breed type and each one is suitable for a particular type of cooking. It is important to choose the correct breed. A high quality bird of a proper age and breed  used to make a delicious soup would be very unsatisfactory if fried or roasted.  The style of cooked chicken desired will determine the kind of bird to be purchased.


Grandma set a beautiful Sunday table                        Great Grandma "Kate"                    And her Kitchen was  ....perfect
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